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Private Tantra Workshop


1.5 hours


What is Tantra?

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit roots “tanoti” meaning to

expand and “trayati” meaning to free to liberate. The means to expand

one ́s experience and comprehension beyond the material in order to

attain self liberation or realisation.

Therefore, Tantra can be described as a way to find yourself, even if

you also come into contact with other beings. It is a path of personal

and spiritual growth that contemplates sexuality as part of this path,

it is based on the interaction of consciousness and energy. It is a tool to

know yourself better.

The consciousness (focused energy) is represented by God Shiva, it is

direction, focused action, presence...

The energy is represented by the Goddess Shakti, it is the vital energy

flowing through us, it is dance, receptivity, it is pure love...

When there is presence there is totality, Shiva is awake and then

Shakti manifests to him. That is, the more present and focused I am on

"something", the greater the manifestation of that "something".

In the workshop we will explore some dynamics to awaken the

presence and to be fully aware at every moment, to let go control of

the mind, to flow with the breath and sound, to allow the body to move

spontaneously, to respect, honour and love ourselves, to learn to

manage our sexual energy...which is pure creation, which is life!

Tantra cannot really be explained with words, only living the

experience can give an understanding. Join us for a glimpse of a tantric


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