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The Course Includes

Online Coaching

In Person Courses

Retreat Business Roadmap

Business Skills & Knowledge

First Priority Volunteering

Villa Contacts & Network

Monthly Online Coaching

Two Weeks in Tenerife

A Complete Website

Personalised Media Assets

Free Island Excursions

Free Follow Up Coaching

Free Cookery Classes

Valuable Networking

Certificate in Retreat Management


Tenerife Two Week Intensive Course

By Bliss Yoga

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See what our Intensive Business Development Course Involves

See what's included in our Intensive Business Development Course

Two Weeks Accommodation

Our course includes 2 weeks accommodation in one of the Canary Islands top rated co-living spaces. With two airy and spacious co working offices, one formal and one relaxed, dedicated conference rooms, beautiful terrace roof space with mountain views and courtyard gardens with an outdoor kitchen. In this space surrounded by other young professionals and entrepreneurs its the perfect place to find calm and focus for building your new retreat business

A Completed Website

Every participant on our business development course will leave with a completed website for their business with a 1 year paid website subscription, as well as the web design skills and knowledge to make any future changes or improvements that they need to for their business. We provide the purpose built customisable template with all of the website features that we have found useful such as customer feedback forms, welcome information pages, liability waiver, terms and conditions and much more. You will then work through the website as the course progresses adding your own personal branding and the specific information that's relevant to your business. We guide you through this step by step and support you along the way, however the responsibility for doing the work is on you! Its YOUR business concept and its YOU who needs to bring it to life!

Daily Yoga Classes

Happy brains make good students. That's why we start each morning with an energising yoga class, this healthy routine helps our students enter the right mental mindset to absorb new information, spark their creativity and apply what they have learned. We also offer students the opportunity if they wish to teach one of the morning yoga classes and then offer as a group 360 degree feedback on what they enjoyed as well as any elements they feel that you could improve on.

Retreat Business Roadmap

Each student on our course will receive a personal online business roadmap, outlining all of the tasks that need to be completed in the right sequence as well as tips, advice and video tutorials on each aspect of the business development. We use this to track your progress and to make sure we keep you on track to complete the work necessary to fulfil your business goals

Free Tenerife Excursions

We couldn't let you come all the way to Tenerife and just spend your whole time working. That's why we include free weekend island excursions, so that you can explore the beautiful island of Tenerife, become inspired and start the new work week feeling energized.

First Priority Volunteering

We take on two temporary volunteers for each of our Bliss Yoga Retreats and we are inundated with applications from people wanting to take part. The majority of those applying are people who are interested in running their own retreats and would like to get some insider knowledge and experience about what it takes to run successful and profitable yoga retreats. As a student on one of our courses you will be given first priority should you wish to volunteer on one of our retreats ahead of all other applicants.

All Meals Fully Inclusive

So that you can spend as much time as possible learning new skills and focusing your energy on developing your business we decided to make our business coaching course fully catered. To save you time shopping, preparing meals and cleaning dishes our team takes care of it for you. These team meal times are also a vital time for guests to socialise, exchange ideas and integrate what they have learned.

 Personalised Media Assets

Everyone's favourite day of the course is photo shoot day! We hire a renowned retreat photographer to tour the island with us for the day and take professional personalised photographs in some stunning locations. This high grade and unique content will give you some of the quality photos that you need to create an established, professional look for your website and social media channels

Business Skills & Knowledge

Our daily interactive presentations as well as independent supported worktime will help increase your knowledge and develop a range of vital business skills around branding, marketing, sales, web design and accountancy. You will leave the course equipped with the skills you need for success all that's left to you is to apply what you have learned and put in the work hours!

Free Follow Up Coaching

When the course is finished we don't just forget about you! We include 3 free online coaching sessions for you to take at any point over the next year so that you can stay on track to completing the development of your new business. We are also available for additional sessions if you feel it is necessary although most of our clients feel they have all the necessary foundations to build their business independently after completing our course

Cookery Classes

We provide all of the catering for our retreats in house, instead of subcontracting the job to a separate catering company. While we can't teach you to be a chef in a week we want to give you the confidence that you need to pursue this option for your own retreat if you feel it is suitable

Valuable Networking

You will leave the course as a member of a valuable group network, where other people on the same business journey as yourself will offer each other help, support, advice and encouragement. Are you struggling to set up your google business listing or you have forgotten how to add certain features to the website. Our group chat means that there is a network of people there to help and future opportunities for you to trade services or create collaborations. We have had multiple people in the past decide to partner up on their retreat business with someone they met on the course who held the same values and aspirations as themselves

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