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Freedom is Healthy

We hope you enjoy

The Bliss Yoga Menu

The Bliss Yoga menu is based around the principle of freedom. 

We believe in providing options which gives people the freedom to choose what they would like to eat and not prescribing for people what to eat or how much.

I come from a Polish family background where we were showed love through a table that was always piled high with scrumptious food and I personally couldn't feel that I was a good host if I felt that anyone at my retreats was left hungry!

That's why we give you the freedom to choose between fresh fruit or pancakes for breakfast, salad or pie for lunch and wine or water with dinner. It's YOUR holiday and we want you to enjoy it YOUR way!

The Menu at Bliss Yoga Retreats


Start the day the right way for you

Our buffet breakfast gives you a wide array of choices, from fresh fruits, seeds, nuts and our famous homemade granola. To French pastries, cooked breakfast or pancakes. We let you decide what to choose and whether to have 1 course or 3

Image by Odiseo Castrejon

Packed Lunch

Pack some energy for your adventures

Help yourself to a packed lunch box with a choice of salads to choose from and a variety of healthy carbs to go with them each day. From cous cous and quinoa, to gnocchi and arancini's, empanadas or falafels. We let you fill your lunch box to your hearts content.

Mexican Taco Dinner

Three Course Dinner

Food from around the world

Our themed dinner nights feature food from around the world. We will take you on a trip travelling from India to Italy and Thailand to Mexico. Our dinners are a set menu, so if you have any dietary requirements or allergies please check the dinner menu recipes below. If there is anything that you can't eat just let us know in advance and we will prepare you a delicious alternative.

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