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Our Business Coaching

We consistently sell out 14 yoga retreats every year. We are one of the top ranked retreats on the two biggest retreat hosting platforms in the world and most importantly we love what we do!

But our business journey was far from a straight line to success. We made plenty of mistakes along the way, learned from our failures and grew and improved over the years.

Since our retreats have become well established and reputable I started to get enquiries from friends who are yoga asking for advice on how they can run their own retreats. I found that I was able to give them answers to the questions they were looking for and offer them practical useful advice that would help them avoid some of the mistakes that I made on my own business journey.


Overtime I developed this experience into a comprehensive course that would guide people through the whole business journey from creating and establishing a brand, to marketing and sales, to running and managing their own retreats.

So far we have helped a number of yoga teachers run their own successful and profitable retreats, which we also list here on our own website. If you would like some free advice on running your own retreat business then check out our free resources below or if you would like more in depth help and support then we offer 1 to 1 online coaching or 2 week in person intensive group courses in Tenerife.

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See what our clients are saying about our business coaching

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Sunset Yoga

Ella - Naliya Yoga

I had already run a couple of retreats before with my friend before I met Dom from Bliss Yoga. I had really enjoyed running the retreats but unfortunately for various reasons had never made a profit from doing them. Dominic shared with me some marketing and sales techniques as well as getting me to do a full profit and loss forecast so we could look at exactly what my expenditure was and if there was any things that I could cut back on without affecting the overall customer experience. I am happy to say that since taking his suggestions on board and putting them in place my friend and I ran 4 retreats last summer all of which were fully booked and profitable

Tenerife Yoga Retreats, Winter Yoga Retreats, Yoga Holidays

Anne - Create Yoga

My names Anne and I have been teaching yoga now for over 10 years. I teach 5 times a week at my local studio as well as working a full time job as a primary school teacher. I wanted to start offering retreats but was worried that I wouldn't have enough people to fill a whole retreat from just my clients who attend my classes. I approached Dom for some advice on how I could set up and market my retreats. I found his advice practical and easily applicable to my own business. I also found that being set tasks to complete as homework and the deadline of our next meeting a great motivator to keep making steady progress. I have since run two successful retreat last summer in the UK and this summer have one scheduled in Ibiza which is nearly already fully booked.

Yoga Pose

Sonia - Sonia Yoga

I first met Dom while volunteering for one of his retreats in Ibiza. I have been teaching regularly now for a few years in France but had never run my own retreats. Volunteering at Bliss Yoga gave me some great ideas of special memorable moments which I could include in the retreat to make it a special experience. A few months later when I contacted Dom to ask about setting up the retreats he offered to help me work through the process. It was really useful to help me work through the journey and to have the steps that I would need to take laid out for me in detail. It was also reasurring to know that if Iwas struggling with a certain aspect there was someone I could call on to help me fix the problem. I have now found a venue and am in the final planning stages of running my first ever retreat.

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