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Manager and Yin Teacher

Hi, my names Aroa and I am from Madrid.

My yoga journey started around 8 years after my first yoga class when I felt like I was floating, completely calm, serene, grounded and physically challenged. Since then, it has been a very big part of my life. Aiming to deepen my knowledge in yoga and meditation I have travelled and trained with several teachers in India, Indonesia, Thailand, England, Nepal, Greece and Spain. Along the way I have explored and studied Reiki, Tantra, Womb Dance, Women's circles, Thai massage, Vipassana and Coaching.


Through my journey I have learnt how to adapt and modify the practice through all the different moments of life, as everything is constantly changing, so is the body, the mind, and our needs. For me yoga is to listen to oneself, to respect our needs, to honour our body and to embrace who we are in every moment, in and out of the yoga mat. My purpose in the classes is to find that connection with ourselves through the body and breath and to be in the present moment. Look forward to practising with all of you in Tenerife!

Spanish, English

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