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Thai Coconut Curry

Prep Time:

30 minutes

Cook Time:

20 minutes


12 Servings

About the Recipe

My personal favourite dish from the retreat menu, this spicy creamy curry is so delicious and easy to make. We use an off the shelf Thai curry paste as some of the ingredients to make the paste from scratch such as cardamom pods, lemongrass and cumin seeds can be difficult to source especially on an island.


- 1 bag of long grain rice

- 8 cans of coconut milk

- 1/2 tin of coconut syrup or 2 tsp brown sugar

- 2 large onions

- 1/2 clove of garlic

- 2 sweet potatoes

- 6 large carrots

- 1 brocolli

- 1 cauliflower

- 1 large red peppers

- 1 large green pepper

- 1/2 small tub of thai curry paste

- 1 large glass of dry white wine

- 1 tsp ground black pepper

- 1 tsp of cayenne pepper


This recipe will feed 8/10 people, for a smaller quantity simply halve the ingredients.


Dice the onions and crush or finely chop the garlic, lightly fry and then add your choice of Thai curry paste, my personal favourite is Panang :) Fry this in coconut oil for several minutes to release the flavours from the paste and take the bitterness out of the chilli. Add the fried onions and paste mix to the coconut milk, if you would like to add a bit of sweetness to the sauce add half a tin of coconut syrup or 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. 


Pour yourself a large glass of wine to reward yourself for your ingenuity. 


Peel and chop your sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. If you have the time and own a slow cooker then cook the vegetables in the sauce on medium heat for around 6 hours so that they can absorb the flavour from the sauce. If you do not own a slow cooker or are short of time I would recommend boiling the vegetables first and then adding to the sauce.


Fry the red and green peppers in coconut oil and soy sauce. Serve the curry in a bowl and spoon a mixture of peppers to the top to add some colour and finish by dusting with coconut, chilli flakes and a dash of coconut milk.

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