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Spicy Samosas

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:

1 Hour


8 Servings

About the Recipe

The perfect spicy accompaniment to a creamy Indian curry, these samosas take a little bit of time to make but are well worth the effort!


- 6 large carrots

- 6 potatoes

- 1 large sweet potato

- 2 large onions

- 1/2 bulb of garlic

- 1/2 bag of garden peas

- 1 vegetable stock cube

- 1 tsp cumin

- 1 tsp ginger

- 1 tsp ground black pepper

- 1 tsp curry powder

- 1 tsp corriander

- 1 tsp of cayenne pepper

- 1/4 tsp of chilli powder

- splash of coconut milk


This recipe will make around 40 samosas, for a smaller quantity simply halve the ingredients.

Peel and your potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes and chop into very small cubes. Boil these in a pan for 5 - 10 minutes until soft. Dice your onions and crush your garlic and fry in a pan with the frozen peas. Drain your vegetables and mix with the peas and onions. Add your spices along with a dash of coconut milk to add some moisture. Mix thoroughly and then place your samosa filling in the fridge to cool.

Cut your pre rolled thin pastry into squares and place a heaped teaspoonful of mixture in the middle, fold the pastry diagonally into a square and press down the edges. With a fork crimp both sides along the edge to make sure that the side are stuck properly together.

Shallow fry them in sunflower oil on a medium heat until golden brown and crispy. Eat as many as you can while frying more :)

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