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Survey of your experience

We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday with Bliss Yoga Retreats and that you will join us again on one of our retreats! 

We aim to constantly improve the experience for our guests to make their holiday as perfect as possible, so we would really appreciate it if you could help us do this by sharing your feedback with us of your experience and letting us know if you have any ideas of how we could improve in the future.

Name (feel free to leave this blank if you wish to stay anonymous)

1) What was your favourite experience on the retreat?

2) What was something you would have changed or liked to have seen more of?

3) How did you enjoy the food at the retreat? Is there anything you would have liked to have seen more or less of?

4) If you were running your own retreat, can you think of anything you would include to create a unique or special experience?

Other general feedback*

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