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Our Partners


We work with a selected group of partners, which we call our extended Bliss Yoga family, without the help and support of which we would struggle to operate. You can check out below our full list of partners, suppliers and service providers to which we thank for their continued support.


Claire Fox Magic

Bodywork & Soul Coaching with Claire Fox

If you want support with allowing your unique essence to be felt by the world, in this new paradigm of being human - I’d love to help you out with coaching, creative consultancy or bodywork.

Jo Tison

Little Banyan Yoga

Jo the founder of Little Banyan Yoga is a facilitator of self-healing who works with a various array of different modalities. 

She has been practicing yoga for 14 years and has been teaching professionally for 10 years. She teaches yoga in the styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot, Postnatal, and Nidra, along with Meditation. She is also a practicing Reiki Master offering treatments, training, and atunements. As a holistic therapist she practices Thai Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang. 

bliss yoga partners

Catherine Lejtenyi

Catherine Lejtenyi Life & Business Coaching

Catherine believes that being connected to your authentic self is the key to a happy life. Through her coaching sessions she can help you to have thriving relationships and a fulfilling career.

bliss yoga partners

Om Nariyah

Nariyah Yoga with Hayley Landan

Nariyah is an internationally certified Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates teacher, a gifted energy healer and qualified bodyworker with over 1,100 hours in qualifications and registered trainings. Mainly schooled in Asia, she brings the traditional ancient lineages to relatable modern day practices, curating classes and meditations based on each individual student and group's needs, for ultimately relieving stress in rebalancing the body and the mind.

bliss yoga partners

Nalini Retreats

Nalini Retreats

At Nalini Retreats we aim to inspire and nurture change from within so that you realise and see your light that you shine so brightly into the world. We want to share our passion for yoga, meditation and holistic healing. 

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