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About me at Bliss Yoga Retreats

Our Mission


At Bliss Yoga Retreats our mission was simple, we wanted to create a retreat where everyone felt welcome! 

We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone because no one should be discouraged from doing something which is good for them!

There are 5 core principles that guide everything we do at our retreats, these are Adventure, Openness, Freedom, Fun and Friendship.

about me at bliss yoga retreats



The world is a big beautiful place that was meant to be explored! That's why at Bliss Yoga Retreats we take you on adventures for classes in amazing outdoor locations and have a range of free excursions so you can explore the beauty of the island you are staying on.



Some retreats boast about being 'exclusive', but we knew we didn't want to 'exclude' anyone and are proud to call ourselves inclusive. We welcome everyone of all levels of ability and experience from complete beginners to yoga aficionados as we believe that a yoga class should be a judgement free space where everyone who is willing is welcome to join.



Some more conventional yoga retreats can have very rigid rules. Strictly only healthy food options, no caffeine, no alcohol. At Bliss Yoga we believe in giving people the freedom to choose, not dictating how they have to enjoy their holiday or judging anyone for their lifestyle choices.


That's why people have the freedom to choose between a coffee or a smoothie in the morning, fresh fruit or chocolate waffles for breakfast and wine or water with dinner. Its YOUR holiday and we want you to enjoy it YOUR way.



Holidays and more importantly life is meant to be fun! That's why at our retreats we like to encourage people not to take life too seriously and to embrace their silly side, that's why we have music, dancing, singing and themed dinner nights. We want everyone to feel free to embrace their silly side and express themselves without judgement.



At Bliss Yoga Retreats we aim to create a social atmosphere where people can connect and form strong bonds so that the entire group including our staff feel like a little family by the end of the week. We have made many friends from our retreats and had so many lovely groups of people who maintain contact with each other long after the retreat has finished.

Our Story...

I'm Dominic and the little guy with the orange eyebrows is called Carl and we are the co founders of Bliss Adventure Yoga Retreats. Over the last couple of years we have assembled an amazing team of people to help run our retreats who all bring different strengths to the team.


I myself am far from a yoga expert, I have only been practicing yoga for 5 years now and I am not a yoga teacher (believe me if I was the teacher at the retreats you would be disappointed) and if you told me 10 years ago when I was busying partying and living a hedonistic lifestyle in Ibiza, that one day, I would be running my own yoga retreats, I don't think I would have believed you! So here is a little bit about my story and how I have gone from working on boat parties in Ibiza to running Bliss Adventure Yoga Retreats.


For over 10 years I was lucky enough to live on the beautiful island of Ibiza. I ran an excursion business taking people to explore beautiful secret places around the island. Five years ago my housemate who was a yoga teacher encouraged me to start practicing yoga to help with my back problems. So I initially started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but then I soon discovered that after my yoga practice I would feel more relaxed, my mind would be calmer and a little bit happier. What I didn't realise when I first started practicing, is that yoga is effectively a moving meditation and the sequences of poses and your breathing give you something to focus your attention on in the present. I started to make morning yoga a part of my daily ritual and have never looked back since.


At the end of the summer in Ibiza I went to stay in a yoga retreat to relax and recuperate after a busy summer of work. I found that I really enjoyed the yoga classes, but for me it felt like something was missing. And to me, what was missing, was 'connection'.  The yoga teacher and staff didn't eat with the rest of the guests and there was no organised activities to bring the group together. As a result the majority of people at the retreat spent most of their time on their own. I think in the modern world we all live increasingly isolated lives and we are often led to believe that the solutions to our problems come from individual solutions. But I think that we forget an important fact of human nature sometimes and that is that we are innately social creatures that evolved in tribes and what ultimately makes us happier and healthier than anything else is spending time enjoying the company of other people.


The second thing I would have changed at the retreat is that it felt like there were some quite strict rules, especially about what I was allowed to eat and drink. Although I was trying my best, I knew that I was a long way from living the perfectly healthy lifestyle and I felt like I might be judged if I didn't exactly fit in with the status quo. I think too often we can spend our time comparing ourselves to others and especially with the rise of social media this can be a great source of unhappiness. I think that the only person we should be comparing ourselves to is 'me today' vs 'me yesterday' and we should congratulate ourselves whenever we take a positive step in the right direction.


On the final day of the retreat I was feeling a bit restless sat around the retreat and so I offered to take some of the other guests from the retreat out around the island. We went cliff jumping at Cala Gracio, visited an abandoned nightclub overlooking the valley of San Jose and then went to watch the sunset at the islands most breath-taking vista, the mystical island of Es Vedra. All of the guests who had joined me agreed that it had been their favourite day of their holiday!


This is when I realised I could have an idea...


So I went to visit the other retreats in Ibiza and found that the majority of them were similar, with strict rules imposed and little organised for the guests to do in their free time. I decided I wanted to create a more sociable retreat that people like myself would feel welcome at, somewhere that they wouldn't feel judged, regardless of their lifestyle, their age or their level of ability. With an added element of fun and adventure for those that wanted to get out and explore the island.


I decided to open my new retreat business in the spring of 2020. As many of you may have heard this turned out to be a pretty bad year for tourism! The lock down started in Ibiza just 2 days before my first guests were due to arrive and after a couple of months of living in a villa that I couldn't afford without guests, I decided to try and save what I had left, I put everything in to storage and I moved out of the villa. 


Luckily 14 months later, with some good fortune and a lot of help and support from good friends and family, we ran out first retreat in May 2021. The Ibiza retreats were a success and so we decided to expand our retreats to winters in the beautiful island of Tenerife as well :)


This is how Bliss Adventure Yoga Retreats started. We have an ethos that is slightly different from more conventional retreats and we hope that you enjoy being a part of it. 


At the heart of the retreat we have 5 core principles that guide everything that we do.

These are : Adventure. Openness. Freedom. Fun and Friendship!

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