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Our Business Coaching

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About our business coaching...

Would you love to earn a living from running yoga retreats but wouldn't know where to start?


Our personalised retreat business coaching plan could help you! We guide you through all the steps you will need to complete in order make your retreat business a success. From building your brand and designing your retreat to marketing and management.

We are so confident that with our coaching you can make your business a success that we offer a money back guarantee on all of our courses. So if you don't make your money back that you have spent on the course within 1 year then we will give you a full refund. 




​Our FREE guide to running retreats including 'The 7 steps to success' and 'Our 6 Top Tips'


Check out our packages, learn about our unique coaching methods and read our success stories



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 About myself, my business background and how our retreats have grown over the years



'To help people create a business where they wake up every day excited to go to work!'

What Our Clients Are Saying...


"I already had a clear idea in my mind of the kind of retreats that I wanted to run, but didn't know where to start.

The coaching with Bliss Yoga really helped me to make an action plan and also the scheduled meetings gave me a deadline to work towards.

I have now run numerous retreats and am on my way to making it my full time living!"

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"I have taught regular classes for years and had always wanted to run retreats.


The coaching gave me a clearly defined sets of goals and an action plan to put into place. It was also reassuring to know that if I got stuck there was someone I could reach out to for help and advice.

I have now run my first successful retreat in the UK and am looking forward to running more!"

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"Talking with Dominic really helped me to clarify my ideas around what I was wanting to achieve and to put a strategy in place for me to achieve those goals.

He was also full of practical useful advice on everything from designing my website to create a booking system and marketing.

I am planning my first retreat and will hopefully be running it soon!"

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