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Congratulations on booking a retreat with Bliss Yoga!

We look forward to welcoming you on the retreat, in the meantime here is a bit more information so that you can start to get ready for your Bliss Yoga experience!

What to bring with you?

Some important items to add to your packing list include :

- Cash in EUR if you would like to book holistic treatments

- White clothes for champagne sunset

- Trainers or hiking boots

- Refillable water bottle

- Backpack for hiking

- Mosquito spray for the evenings

- Suncream


*You do not need to bring shower towels, beach towels toiletries or yoga equipment as this is all provided

How to get here?

The retreat is located about 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South Airport which costs around 25 euros in a taxi. We put all of the guests in a WhatsApp group 1 week before arrival so that people can arrange to share taxis if they arrive at similar times.


Tenerife Retreat

2 Calle Martin Gonzalez,




Bliss Yoga Menu

If you have any allergies or intolerances please check our dinner menu in advance and let us know if there is anything you can't eat. We are more than happy to prepare an alternative as long as we are given prior notice. All our dinners are vegan as standard and we cater for gluten free also provided we are told in advance.


Our Adventures

We have a range of FREE adventures at our Tenerife Retreats including an afternoon exploring the breath-taking Masca Valley, a hike to a secret hippy beach, a hike around the volcano Mount Teide and a champagne sunset in the Teide national park!


But we also know that sometimes all you need to do is relax, that's why all of the activities are completely optional and there is no pressure to join any of them. So if you feel like you want to just relax by the pool with a good book then please be our guest!


Our Ethos

Our ethos is different to conventional yoga retreats and we are really proud of what we have created! To see what makes us different and what you can expect at a Bliss Yoga Retreat check out our ethos.

Holistic Treatments

We have a range of holistic treatments available at the retreat including Thai and aromatherapy massage, facial treatments and reiki. If you would like to pre book a treatment just let us know. You can check out all our treatments below.

The Classes

We have two daily classes, a morning vinyasa class and an evening yin/ restorative class. As with the activities all of the classes are completely optional, so if your body is telling you that it needs a rest then don't feel guilty if you decide to miss a class.



We have a small very relaxed and slightly overweight sausage dog cross called Carl. He is the retreats chief mascot and strategic advisor. He is also however a ninja when it comes to stealing food. So please could we ask in advance that any food that you have you put in the fridge downstairs and also please do not feed Carl at the table as we want him to have a long and happy life :)


Karma Yogi

We want you to enjoy your holiday and have a relaxing time, but we also want the space that we have created to feel like a friendly community where everyone is equal. This practice is called Karma yoga and is intended to create a space where everyone feels equal and no one is subservient. If you feel like doing small things around the house to help the staff like clearing your plate after dinner then it is really appreciated by us and means that our team have more time to relax and enjoy the week with you.

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